Saturday, 28 April 2012

MAC Lipsticks

Seeming as I have just started up this blog, I want whoever reads it to know a bit about me. 
One of my obsessions (and my bank accounts hates) is lipsticks.
I especially love MAC lipsticks. The reason why I always choose MAC (though I have yet to try Illamasqua as I hear they are very good) is because the quality is amazing. Some of the lipsticks I have purchased from MAC barely want to come off when I use a make up wipe.

As the prices of MAC lipsticks are £13.50, some may think that is a ridiculous amount to pay when you could easily buy a cheap, nice coloured one from Boots. However, these lipsticks are stocked in a array of colours with different finishes such as matte finishes to sheer, long wearing and moisturising. 
I have bought about 11 lipsticks from them since I was aged 17 and only just running out of my favorite lipstick 'Russian Red'.

I've decided to show my four most favorite shades and explain why!

May I add, that it is very important to condition your lips first before applying; always use a lip balm before use (I find Carmex is very good for this) and if your lips are dry try a lip scrub aswell (Lush do a really good one, and comes in yummy flavours so try not to eat it!) 

For a perfect finish, lining your lips is possible helps. If you have not got a lipliner to match the shade then buy a small lip brush and gently dab the colour of choice on first around the lip line. 
After applying the lipstick, make sure you dab off the excess with tissue and if you do not want your lipstick to run or last longer (a.k.a kiss proof) I recommend you buy Lipcote which is available at most drug stores.

The first lipstick I am going to talk about is 'Kinda Sexy' which is a Matte finish. I love this lipstick as a daytime shade. It also looks great with lip balm on top if you don't want a bold look. I think this shade will go with any skin tone very well, as I'm pale the rose pink shade compliments my extremely pale face!

Next up is my first ever MAC lipstick, that my Boyfriend chose weirdly enough! Its called Rebel and is a Satin finish. It looks very pink on these photos but is actually more of a purple, which is great as it can seem very purple in one light and pink in another. It's definitely a going out shade as its bold and bright. Again, this colour would suit different skin tones well. I think it looks better on me when I have a tan, I can imagine this shade looking amazing on dark skin. 

Russian Red (Matte) is one of my favorite shades of all time, it makes me feel so good when I wear it for some reason. Must give me confidence! I believe every girl (or boy) should have a signature red lipstick in their bag and with Russian Red being one of MAC's most popular shades, this one is definitely a winner for me.

Musky Amethyst (Frost) is my favorite shade to wear when I am in my 'goth' mood, which usually happens in winter time. I am a girly girl, who does like to wear dark clothes and this shade is perfect as its beautiful dark purple with a soft shine. 

Sorry for the long post! Hope you enjoyed it!

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